Being Qualified – CBA

Like all professions there are qualifications within the balloon and party industry that demonstrate the prowess of your next party designer.

To achieve a CBA the candidate will have embarked on a course with different modules that builds and tests the candidate’s skills and knowledge. They progress toward an exam that they take that is marked by their peers. To achieve this level the candidate must create two different designs paying due care to the ‘elements and principles of design’, create a delivery bouquet, and demonstrate that they also have the business skills by sitting in front of a panel that tests this knowledge in a live question and answer session. Candidates also have to provide a portfolio of their previous work to demonstrate their broader skills in this field. When a candidate has demonstrated sufficient skill and professionalism they gain the status of Certified Balloon Artist. This exam lasts approximately 3 hours.

At 4urparty we are proud to say that all staff have achieved their CBA

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