Eco Balloons

The environment is, increasingly more apparent, very important to every living creature. Did you know that when your balloons are made from natural latex, we use Qualatex, the balloons will ‘break-down’ in the environment at about the same rate as an oak leaf? They really do. Not all balloons are like this. As an example of a different balloon – foil balloons should always be attached to a weight directly and should never be released into the environment.

When it comes to what makes balloons float – often refered to as balloon gas, it is typically 95% helium with air being the last 5%. Did you¬†know that one way that the Earth looses mass is the loss of Helium that permiates up through the earth, up through the atmosphere and ultimately lost to space. It can get ‘trapped’ by the same rocks that ‘trap’ natural gas. That’s why you will often find that where they are extracting helium you’ll find that they are also extracting natural gas. Different gases, different extraction, just one led to the other. For transportation though, it’s far more cost effective to liquify helium and store it this way. However during storage it vents releasing helium into the atmosphere. Also when pure helium is used by industry, it often vents to atomosphere. Collecting this ‘vented’ gas means that it is typically contaminated – with air. This is a ‘recycled’ product that the party industry¬†can use as balloon gas. So nothing goes to waste.


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